Sunday, April 3, 2011

Frugal Fitness: How To Workout Without The Gym

Did your gym membership become OUT of the budget this year? Well I recently found out some great ways to keep your fitness routine going. My good friend Amy turned me on to Netflix fitness DVD rentals.
For less than 10.00 a month you can rent some great work out videos. I will be reviewing different DVDs each month to help guide you along. Check out this link to do some cost comparing for Netflix.
Blockbuster online also has fitness DVD rentals for a bit more. Check out the "Crunch" series of DVDs-I really like those.
If you have Direct TV, you can get free workouts on Demand. They range from 15 to 60 minute workouts. I even found Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred on there.

Dish Network has a channel called Veria TV. It comes on America's Top 250
and America's Everything Pak. It is a natural wellness channel with some fitness programs. Check out or for more info.

Don't forget about Wii Fit and XBOX 360/Playstation/Kinect. They all have fitness programs. I hear Zumba for Wii is great!

Lastly, check with your friends, you can start a "Video Swap". Garage sales and Ebay are also great ways to get DVDs and equipment for cheap.
So my last point...the gym is not your only way to get fit...May the Frugal Fitness feep you fit..


  1. Following you from the Blog Hop! I hope to read for more inspiration for me to get up and start moving!

  2. HI. I think we are going to break down and buy Wii fitness. I hope it is worth it.

    Thanks for your comments on my blog :)