Friday, June 17, 2011

Top 12 Workout DVDs for beginners as recommended by WebMD

In 2007 Glenna and Zurowski recommend for beginners:

1. Gin Miller's Build Up Your Muscles. It shows you how to use weights, tubing, an exercise ball, and ankle weights with four different 45-minute workouts. You learn the same exercises with different resistance. It's slow and clear and focuses on good form, says Zurowski.
2. The "For Dummies" series. Any of the "Dummies" series videos (like Shaping up with Weights for Dummies, Pilates for Weight Loss for Dummies and Basic Yoga for Dummies) are usually excellent, says Zurowski. These videos go slowly, explain the workout clearly, and show the exercise from multiple angles. The instructor is always alone, so there are no distractions. Another good feature of this series is that it also shows mistakes to avoid, says Glenna.
3. The Firm's Super Body Sculpt. This earns a spot on the top 12 list because it has three 15-minute workouts -- for the upper body, the lower body, and abs. The exercises are basic, and you can choose to do one segment or all three.
4. "10-Minute Solution" series. You can choose from toning, cardio, or yoga. Each video in this DVD series is divided into six, 10-minute sections. "It allows customers success to make it through 10 minutes and as they progress, they can mix and match any way they want to," says Glenna.
5. Minna Lessig's One-Minute Workouts. "The beauty of this DVD is you can program the body part you want to work, your level, and how long you want to work, and it randomly selects the exercises for you from 127 one-minute exercises," says Zurowski. Every workout is different. This offering makes great use of the DVD technology, she says.
6. Crunch Fitness Pick Your Spot Pilates with Ellen Barrett. This is concise, well-taught, and easy for beginners to follow, says Zurowski. With great imagery and plenty of modifications, this video is also divided into three, 10-minute segments.
7. Crunch Candlelight Yoga. Taught by Sara Ivanhoe, this beginner DVD is slow-paced and thorough, and all the poses are very simple, says Zurowski.
8. Videos by Leslie Sansone. You can choose from several walking and toning videos that are great for beginners because the moves are easy to follow and Sansone is very motivational, says Zurowski.
9. Debbie Rocker's Walking for Weight Loss. Rocker uses basic moves anyone can do and is very motivating, says Glenna. And because it's filmed in Hawaii, the scenery is breathtaking.
10. Crunch's Cardio Salsa. Great for the younger person, says Glenna. It's contemporary with a colorful set and offers no-impact, basic moves that you can also take out to the dance floor.
11. Gin Miller's Everybody Steps. Since people are often intimidated by step aerobics, this video rates high. It starts you out on the floor, learning the moves, before you get on the step, says Zurowski.
12. Kari Anderson's GO: Step for Beginners. This is a bit more complicated, but clearly executed if you want to try a step video. Anderson previews the moves and breaks down the steps well, says Glenna.

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