Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Exercising For Your Body Type

We all have something we hate about our bodies. If you are a women it feels like the whole world is staring at your least favorite body part. Target area exercising can help some, but doing a million leg lifts won't get rid of the cellulite your mother passed down to you. Eating differently and exercising for your body type is key. For me, I tone up easily on my upper body. My lower half is another story. I have to do lunges and squats and add cardio to keep the booty in check.

P-E-A-R shape is middle name..not really but it describes my body. I truly envy the boy shaped ladies who can wear almost anything. I dream of being on the cover of Athletica. I have to tell myself I have bigger hips and carry my weight in my butt and legs. NOTHING is going to change that. A girl can dream right? Take a look how you can improve your natural shape by changing how you exercise. Here are some suggestions to get you started.
If you are an Hourglass'
If you are have an hourglass figure, then you should be focusing on both cardio and resistance exercises. Cardio will assist in keeping your weight in check, while resistance exercises will help to maintain balance between your upper and lower body. Vary your repetitions and keep your resistance weights light so as not to build too much muscle mass. Here are some great exercises that you may want to try:
  • slow jogging
  • stationary biking (with light resistance)
  • jumping jacks
  • swimming
  • bicep curls, shoulder presses, and squats
If you are a Pear'
If you are a pear you will want to focus on exercises that will balance out the top half of your body with the bottom half of your body. You will also want to try to thin down your lower half. To achieve this, focus on aerobic activities that work out your lower body, and resistance exercises that will build your upper body. Use light weights and perform high repetitions of exercises. Some great activities include:
  • walking
  • cycling (with low resistance)
  • elliptical training
  • jumping rope
  • leg lifts and dips
  • push ups, chin ups, and shoulder presses
If you are an Apple'
If you are an apple, you will want to focus on aerobic training in order to slim down and lose body fat. By working on the lower half of your body, you can help balance out your chest and shoulders. Look to perform exercises that are low-resistance and involve low repetitions, such as:
  • stairclimbing
  • walking on an incline
  • running
  • leg squats, leg presses, and deadlifts
If you are a Ruler'
If you are a ruler, you will be able to perform pretty much any activity you want to. Perform cardio activities to help you lose weight in problem areas, such as the buttocks and stomach. You will especially want to build muscle mass through resistance exercise. To ensure that you build a symmetrical body shape, all of the muscle groups should be emphasized and routinely given a workout. Focus on:
  • stretching
  • sit-ups
  • step classes
  • spinning
  • walking or jogging on an incline
  • squats
  • bench presses and shoulder presses

Here are more body shape types, 12 in fact and how you can dress for success!

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