Monday, July 11, 2011

Review of Butt Bible Workout

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I have mixed feelings sharing this workout with you, but I am doing so because I did the Butt Bible Lower Body Level 3 two days ago and I still can't walk. I am not kidding. This relatively short workout did some major glute and hamstring a good way. All I needed was a chair, light weights and a weight bar if you have one. You don't need the bar, but it added resistance. You can use dumbbells or just body weight. Her upper body workouts need little equipment as well.

Here is my warning on her videos: Her speed on some moves are a bit fast, her range of motion goes too far for the speed, and I feel her standing back flexion and extension are not good moves for the general population. You can hurt your lower back if you do not know what you are doing or have existing back issues. On a personal note, I feel she talks way way too much and even throws a few insults your way. I turned the volume down after doing her upper body workout. But again ( I should say Butt again), I still can't walk right after doing her workout..see for yourself. You can download or buy her 3 set DVD from exercise tv for $24.99. I have not seen it stores yet, but I am sure it is coming. Let me know when you see it and how much. So decide for yourself if Butt Bible is for you.

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