Friday, March 18, 2011

The value of a stay-cation in a small town

We are winding up a week of spring break where we had a stay-cation. I am not talking a fancy stay-cation either. My husband went out of town for business (of course) and his advice for me was to not spend much money this week! Great, kids are out of school, no where to go and nothing to do. I wasn't worried at all!! HA! It turned out that the kids had the best time. They ended up playing with friends for 9 or more hours a day, staying up late barefoot and fancy free. It reminded me of being a kid where my mom would feed us and breakfast, lunch and dinner. Other than that we were out and about exploring and being a real kid. Sadly most of us can't let our children do that. Too many dangers in our society prevent our children from roaming freely. Lucky for us we have moved into a small town where kids can actually be unsupervised and carefree. Now mind you  being the helicopter mom I am, I do check on my kids, have them in ear shot or at least I know whose house they are playing at-they just don't know that. Even in small towns bad things do happen. My TV even broke and I only got mild protests. The adventures of the outdoors has turned my son into a "professional sharp shooter" and my daughter into an advid nature hunter. They have noticed butterflies and squirrels which delights me to no end. They are growing up fast and I am so thankful for this week where I could watch them enjoy something other than a video game or a tv show. Disney is great and the beach is always fun but to spend less than 100.00 this week and have my kids say ths has been the best week ever is priceless.

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  1. Isn't it amazing how life's simple pleasures can provide nourishment to the soul? Missing you, yet, very glad you are well!!