Saturday, May 14, 2011

Shakeology: My Allergy Free Blessing

In light of my son's recent soy and egg allergy diagnosis and I suspect I have them too, I want to make sure the world knows about Shakeology. There are thousands of Beach Body Coaches who can sell you Shakeology. I personally have seen improvements in my health, my friends' health and now I am hoping my son too. Below are the benefits on my daily use of Shakeology:
  • Decreased fatigue
  • Digestion improvement-no more GERD
  • Nails are strong and long for the first time in my life
  • Menstrual problems GONE
  • Mental clarity
  • Sinus infections-minimal
  • Energy all day
  • Weight steady

In doing research on Gluten, Soy, Egg, Dairy, Wheat, and Yeast allergies and guess what? Shakeology has none of those ingredients in them. I put my mom on it who has fibromyalgia and my dad who is diabetic, in a week they are already feeling better. I suspect my mom has a gluten allergy or has Celiacs which is causing or worsening her symptoms. I am working on getting them help as we speak.

Comparing the cost of regular store bought food to allergy free food is amazing to me. I spent our entire grocery budget on just soy and egg free snack foods. Shakeology does cost you about $120.00 a month or $4.00 a day, but so much better than the $5.00 tortillas I just got that taste like my shoe!! Please if nothing else, look at the link I am including and watch the video I just posted! I do sell it through my website, but if nothing else consider it so you can feel better and find some help while if you have food allergies! Check out the ingredients while you are there! Please contact me if you any questions!!

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