Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Workout ideas For Your Stability Ball

Have a stability ball? Not sure what to do with it? It sure can make hours of fun for your kids! But it really can be used for a powerful home workout. Check out these two video clips from Spark People for some great ideas. The second video is a complete workout.

There are six benefits to be had by using a stability ball.
  1. Proper Body Alignment The body uses muscle groups are not normally imposed during training sessions with the ball. natural motor reflexes will improve as these muscle groups are forced to work as you maintain balance on the ball. This is the challenge posed by the ball, maintaining balance during exercise. As the balance is better alignment of body parts is increased.
  2. Great Ab Workout One of the great things about using one of these balls is the ability to target the abdominal muscles. Maintain balance in the exercise with a stability ball forces the abs and back muscles to work overtime because these muscle groups of upper and lower body tie. Without strong trunk muscles balancing “is much more difficult.
  3. Muscle strengthening and endurance because the ball can target almost all muscle groups it helps build strength, tone muscles and improve overall endurance. It also helps strengthen the back relieving some forms of back pain and helps with any more flexibility.
  4. Core Strength The core muscles include the abdominal and back all. These are the muscles that support and stabilize the body during all movements. Using the ball all these muscles are worked across the full range of motion, providing a solid core.
  5. Stretching The ball provides a range of stretching motions that are not normally possible.
  6. Weight Loss As with any exercise routine using a stability ball will increase metabolism to help burn excess body fat. This ability to burn fat is further enhanced by the built lean muscle mass during exercise.The stability ball is one of the best ways to strengthen the abdominals and lower back while improving functional strength, balance and flexibility of the body.

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