Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Can't Afford A Personal Trainer?

Do you want a personal trainer but just can't afford the $50-75 fee? Well too bad you don't live near me because I don't charge that much! I do have another solution for you: ask the trainer to workout with someone else and you split the cost of the session. They get a great workout for half the cost and they get to spend time with their BFFs. Another way to get a use of a personal trainer is to pay an initial fee with a trainer and have them show you all the moves and machines for safety. You ask and pay for a written workout plan. That will be much cheaper as long as you are disciplined to to do the workout. I know I have written workouts for people at a much cheaper price after we have met for a few sessions. I know for me, I like to make sure my client has the basics down before I let them loose in the gym.

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Another option is to sign up online for workouts and meal plans. Fitness Magazine for example has an online personal training tool. You select your meals, workouts and track your progress. The two plans to choose from. One is $8.99 a month and with the first 3 months at 39.99.The other plan is $69.99 for the year. Both include diet and workout plans and the good news is you can try it for 10 days free! and many others have virtual trainers to follow. It includes eating and exercise plans at no extra cost.
Almost everywhere you look, you can find someone or some plan to help you be fit and healthy at a lower cost. There you have another frugal fitness solution..happy working out!

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